May 30, 2014


One of the great benefits of being in the outdoor industry is getting the opportunity to see how all those weird outsiders react to the products we create. The revised Elk Rump was recently featured on a popular European news site, where they cited the opportunity to finally be able to “buy a cardboard cut-out of an elk’s butt.”

We really got a kick out of the article, and it was even reposted by the Pulitzer Prize winning Dave Barry.

So we’d like to take a moment to share some of the highlights that we found in the article and among the comments across various sites.

“Some company in America is selling a cardboard cut-out of an elk’s butt for the pretty fair price of $100. I think it’s meant for target practice because a bullet in the arse is probably a guaranteed kill-shot in the ruthless animal kingdom.”

“Obviously most Brits don’t own a gun, but maybe you could throw cutlery at it or something.”

“Send the elk's butt to Washington DC it will fit right in!”

“I saw it warming up for Iron Horse back in '75. Helluva show.“

“I thought it was a Kardashian's.