We've cycled back around to spring. With spring comes the rejuvenation of the forest, the bloom of the dogwood, and most excitingly, the throaty gobbles of the Wild Turkey. Give yourself an edge by downloading this FREE guide and take advantage of the promo code so that you don't enter the woods unprepared. We've designed the best decoys on the market so you can spend more time at the braggin' board.

Guide Includes

  • How to be successful in five different situations
  • Tips from the pros.
  • Advice on what turkey decoys are best to use.
  • Calling and setup tactics for the entire spring

"Whether I am hunting on my own or guiding a client, I always have Montana Turkey Decoys in my vest. That's half the battle. Knowing how to use them is the other half. This guide helps you execute proper turkey decoy setups for the entire season." -Fred Eichler

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