TipUp Whitetail Decoy Stand


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TipUp Whitetail Decoy Stand

The TipUp stand is specifically designed to allow a hunter to keep their whitetail decoy hidden until they want it to be seen. The old adage about never grunting or calling to a deer that’s already walking your way, can apply to decoys as well. Don’t show your hand, or your decoy, until you need to. If a deer is passing by out of bow range and a grunt or rattling won’t change his course, may raising up your decoy will. This time when you call and he looks over he sees a deer. And if the terrain lets you do so without being seen ,dropping the decoy encourages him to look around and come all the way in when the deer he “heard” and “saw” has disappeared when he arrives.

Often a deer you are not wanting to shoot will cause you problems by hanging around your decoy when the one you do want to take shows up. The TipUp stand lets you pick when and for how long your decoy is visible. The TipUp stand, by using the included cord, allows you to raise and lower the decoy from your treestand. The base is a simple and durable design that folds for easy transport. It is best suited for set ups that allow you to keep the cord from becoming tangled in branches or brush around your stand.

The TipUp stand works with all current Montana Decoy whitetail decoys and most big game decoys.

You could also use it to hold up a whitetail or other big game decoy when the ground is just too hard or rocky to get the regular leg poles into the ground.

The TipUp stand is different from the Quickstand in that it does not use the points of the leg poles to penetrate the ground for stability. The Quickstand is designed more for a mobile hunter who doesn’t need to fold up their decoy. The Quickstand solves the problem of legpoles coming apart when pulled from the ground and makes holding and setting up the decoy with one hand much easier. Both stands work to keep the decoy and it’s legpoles correctly displayed and working together as they should.