Posted by Hunter Worth on Sep 2, 2023

Bowhunting From a Ground Blind

Bowhunting from a ground blind might just be your secret to success this coming season.

As hunters, we live for the adrenaline rush of successfully harvesting an animal. By using a bow and arrow, this experience is amplified even more. But getting close enough to make a shot on an animal like a deer is much easier said than done. So what do you do? Thankfully we have plenty of tools at our disposal, such as ground blinds.

Ground blinds are the secret weapon of bowhunters, as they allow us to lie in wait for the perfect shot. If you have never hunted from a ground blind before, you have come to the right place! We’ll be your guides to show you why you need to start hunting from a blind, how to properly set it up, where to place it, and why it might be the best tool in your arsenal this season.

Advantages of Hunting From a Ground Blind

Before we dive any deeper into ground blinds, let’s cover a few key points about ground blinds that you may have never considered. Bowhunting from a blind allows you to not only stay comfortable during a hunt, but it gives you things such as:

Better Concealability

Unlike a climbing tree stand that offers zero concealment or a ladder stand that sticks out like a sore thumb, ground blinds blend in well with their surroundings and can be brushed in for even greater concealability.

Higher Scent Control

By staying at ground level and offering full containment, ground blinds do an excellent job of providing a scent barrier. This reduces the chance of animals smelling you before you can make your shot!

Ground blinds do an excellent job of providing a scent barrier.

Extremely Comfortable

There are few things more comfortable than a ground blind while hunting. Not only can they protect you from the elements such as rain, wind, and snow, but they can hold full-size chairs, coolers, backpacks, and all your other gear. They also have plenty of space to stand up and stretch your legs.

There are, of course, many other advantages of hunting from a ground blind but these are a few of our favorites. In order to benefit from bow hunting with a ground blind, you must know the right times and wrong times to utilize them.

When to Use a Ground Blind

While you can use a ground blind whenever you’d like, there are a few situations where using one can make all the difference. For example, hunting in open terrain where trees are sparse could be a great way to stay hidden while providing ample cover. Even if you have plenty of trees around, they are not always ideal for a treestand. A blind can be a great alternative.

Weather can also be a huge factor in deciding to use a blind. As we mentioned earlier, they do a great job of protecting against adverse weather conditions and can keep you warmer on a cold winter day. Did we also mention that ground blinds put you at eye level with the animals you are hunting, resulting in more precise, easier shots?

Tips for a Successful Hunt in a Ground Blind

As great as ground blinds are, there are a few things you can do to ensure they work well. As someone who has hunted from ground blinds most of my life, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes that have cost me shots at plenty of animals. Here are some simple tips for hunting out of your ground blind so you don’t make the same mistakes!

Choose the Right Spot

Find a location that gives you a clear line of sight to where you expect your quarry to approach. Think about general wind directions, sunlight angles, and shooting lanes around your blind. You can also utilize nearby bushes and trees to better conceal your ground blind.

Find a location that gives you a clear line of sight to where you expect your quarry to approach.

Cut Better Shooting Lanes

While I always try to place my blind somewhere with ideal shooting lanes, I also bring along a small saw to clear away any limbs, branches, or brush that could cause problems in those lanes.

Set Up and Organize Your Gear

When you are ready to hunt, carefully set up and organize your gear inside of the ground blind. This will prevent any unnecessary noise or movement when animals come in, as well as keep you ready for the moment of truth.

Bowhunting from a ground blind can be one of the most effective ways to harvest an animal. From providing better concealment to allowing you to wait more comfortably, there are many benefits worth taking advantage of this hunting season to kill that buck of a lifetime. So if you haven’t already, get your hands on a ground blind and try it out for yourself!