Dec 21, 2015


The Dream Team Decoy Set is one of the most effective deer-decoy combinations on the market. This is real-life proof, as told to us by Travis Connot of Valentine, Nebraska:

Nebraska is big deer country. I know because I’m from there. And even a blind man can see all the hunters that come to our towns for days, weeks, some stay for months. I have my honey hole and you’ll never know where it is though I don’t mind telling you about the epic year I had there with a duo of fine bucks that I killed due in large part to the Dream Team deer decoys from Montana Decoy.

Nebraska is wide-open country. In certain spots it feels like you can see to the end of the world. It makes a man believe it's actually is flat. That first buck, the one whose English mount lies quietly on the ground in front of number two, saw the Whitetail Buck from a half mile away. Head up, ears back, there he came running. At 200 yards I hit the grunt call to reassure him that yes, my decoy was ready for a fight. Dreamy Doe, she just stood there looking pretty. He didn’t even stutter step. Just continued charging right on in to take on the challenge. He stalked in, ears still back, hair bristled. At 25 yards I drew on him. In case I didn’t mention, I’m mostly a ground hunter. That’s right. I have so much confidence in the ability of these decoys, especially during the rut, that I don’t feel the need to get high to deer hunt. (Editor’s note: Not to mention Travis is also a pretty dang good deer hunter.) I leaned around the tree and made the shot. Buck number one down.

The second buck’s last foray didn’t end quite so smoothly. I was can calling and doing a little grunting when he came jogging in ready to destroy the Whitetail Buck. My first shot hit a fence wire that I couldn’t see through my peep sight. He slightly spooked but I can called right away and he circled the little thicket of trees just beyond Dream Team still ready to fight. At this point, I assumed he was 40 yards out though it was apparent he was only 35 when my next arrow went sailing over his back.

But luck and decoys were both in my corner that day. I immediately hit the can call again to stop him. When he looked back, I could tell he was focused on Dreamy Doe. It’s hard to say exactly what he was thinking when I hit the can call, but he began trotting back toward the Dream Team on what would be his third and final attempt to establish his dominance over a lesser buck and take home a new lady friend. He was 50 yards away and about to walk through the last available window I would have for a shot. My arrow flew true that time.

I can say that without a doubt in my mind that it was the decoys that made all the difference on that hunt. I’ll never head to the deer woods without them again. Already looking forward to next year!